I'm to old now, not enough money in this game to keep me around.  Last of the mohicans....well maybe not the last.
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Who are FSK Veterans?

FSK Veterans are Former Senior Officers that have decided to RETIRE from active duty.

Who can become a Veteran?

Only senior officers can become veterans. From Trainer's up to the Clan Leader.

Why can only Senior officers Retire?

Because these are the Men & Women that have dedicated a long and hard active service for FSK.

When should I ask for RETIREMENT?

When u only play a maximum of 4 days in 2 weeks, then you should ask for retirement.

What does the Veteran status give me:?

Veteran status give's you the opportunity to still be in the FSK Clan and carry the FSK name. You will have no responsibility, work or authority in the FSK Clan. You will not have access to the Oval Council Forum. Being a veteran is like being on a cruise holiday with a big cocktail in your hand maybe even a cigar. You will of course still be able to play with "active" FSK members.

What rank will I have if I return to active duty?

Veterans who return to active duty will receive the rank of P1C. They are therefor not required to pass a tryout but they ARE expected to refresh their gameplay skills and become familiar with the latest FSK tactics.

Will they treat me like a GOD?

Every non retired FSK member shall and will respect u as an "OLD SCHOOL WAR HERO". Your name will always hang before our members via our web site for inspiration.

But what about a GOD?

Maybe a semi-God. Or maybe not. Tut tut. The youth of today eh?

When I'm Veteran what is my new callsign?

As a veteran your name will be

Are there any other Clans that have this system?

Not that we know of, FSK Clan is the first clan to introduce this system. This shows that FSK take care of all our trusty, loyal and old school members.

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