The [FSK] clan was founded by Bekk, way back in October 1999. Bekk's wife gave birth to a new 'project' for Bekk at the end of the summer, 2001, so Bekk has left Room Raider and Thyren in charge of the whole clan.


The leadership are in charge of diplomatic relations and are the highest authority of the clan. Leadership have Veto when it comes to voting in the council, we have the authority to make decisions without any votes. But we take into account the Clan's wishes & proposals and consider these before making any Judgments.

The Council

The clan council as mentioned will hold meetings, at a time which is beneficial for council members. The council has the right to change all FSK operations and conditions. This is final and members can not appeal against a councils decision. What can be changed are as follows.

"All decisions are agreed by way of a voting system, votes are agreed based on the majority"

Chart changes, promotions, demotions, general terms and conditions. We will talk about all of the rights of the oval room in our first meeting, which is yet to be announced.


This is not a rank in itself, They are elected on a temporary contract by the council to assist us in the agreement of changes by way of vote.


They are in charge of the internal affairs. They can decide to demote, kick and sanction a member if he/she has done something wrong. If members are angry or unhappy for what ever reason they must report to an IA officer who will deal with the matter asap. The IA officer must advise the council before the demotion, kicking and sanctioning of a member.


The captains are in charge of the administration of our clan. Their main duty is to answer to all your questions. They can also promote a member to the rank of a senior officer. "When the leader is not present they are in charge of the whole clan".


Their job is to see if trainers do their job well and they can report to an IA in case of any problems. They have the right to appoint new trainers and demote trainers if he/she is not performing well. They must have the agreement of the IA officer befor a demotion.


Their duties are to watch over the Colporate Members. They can promote privates to the rank of colporates and can also demote them. "However they must first have the agreement of the IA officer for demotion." All the ranks listed above are part of the Council which hold meetings in there "FSK OVAL ROOM" which is hosted on the swat WON server.


This is a very important rank of the clan since only they can test those who have requested FSK membership. [click here for more info on Trainers]


Corporals are very important since they must train those who are already members of the FSK as well as maintain their own Element-Leading skills. His or her goal is to improve everyone's gameplay.


These are members who distinguished themselves from the second class through their game play or the fact they work hard for the clan.


Members who haven't distinguished themselves yet.


Members who haven't distinguished themselves yet.

Note from our Mayor SwAtDoG:

If you aren't listed on the members page, you must mail me your: members name, e-mail address and I will then inform you what rank you have obtained.

As regards to promotion: ONE MUST NOT ASK FOR A PROMOTION. We are not blind, we can see who deserves a promotion, through his time spent online, his skill , and his general attitude towards the clan.

If a member always asks for a promotion or talks to other members about promotion prospects in a unprofessional manner.

You are jeopardizing the moral of the clan. You will be reported to the IA officer who will take action to demote or kick you. As regards to those who leave : We of course feel sorry because they are sometimes our friends.

Don't forget that even if they are not in FSK, you can of course GO ON PLAYING with them! FSK is not a closed clan, we can play with everybody. Same thing in the games, you must NOT reject those who aren't FSK members, unless you clearly listed FSK ONLY in the callup area. Or if the clan room stated FSK MEMBERS ONLY.

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