FSK is a very respected elite clan. We only want the best, so in order for you to join you must be the best, no exceptions. Please read the recruitment procedure below so you know what lies ahead if you should wish to join our ranks.

Recruiting procedure

In order to obtain Clan membership, you will need to pass two separate tryouts. Tryouts consist of a co-op game with you and 1 or 2 FSK members Officers. This is the best way to test your team performance and awareness skills. There is AT LEAST 1 WEEK between the 2 Tryouts.

Training Officers perform most tryouts (if no Training Officers are online, any other officer with a rank of Sergeant or higher is authorized to perform tryouts).
You can identify a Training Officer as they will have a the following call signs:

[FSK]_TLt_(Clan Members Name)

[FSK]_TSgt_(Clan Members Name)


[FSK]_TCrp_(Clan Members Name)

The Tryout Officer will setup the tryout map and provide you with the following instructions:

1. The objective is to PRESERVE LIFE, which includes suspects!
2. Follow orders and confirm the orders BEFORE executing them.
3. You can REFUSE an order, but then use chat to explain why.
4. When SEARCHING, you are free to use the mirror whenever you want.
5. Review the mission and select APPROPRIATE weapons & gear.

The Tryout Officer will ask if you have any questions and then start the tryout.
When the tryout is over, wait in the DEBRIEF screen. The Tryout Officer will complete a scorecard and calculate your overall score (maximum is 100).


Below 60% - (NOT allowed to retake tryout within 30 days, NOT allowed to attend FSK Training)

61 - 79% - (NOT allowed to retake tryout within 14 days, IS allowed to attend FSK Training)

80% or over - (Becomes FSK Clan member with rank of P2C)

DM Players

[FSK] used to have a DM team, known as SOLID LIQUID. This no longer exists, as we felt the need to concentrate on improving our co-op skills rather than deathmatch ones.

However, many members do still play DM's from time to time, so don't despair.

We don't recommend you join if you are an avid DM player, but if you like co-op and the occasional DM, then by all means request a tryout.

"Now ask yourself one question, are you ready to become an FSK member? If so enter our clan room on the WON servers, we wish you the best of luck in your tryout."

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