If you want to be listed here, send in your clan name and web address. We will then evaluate and review your clan and site, if we find it adequate we will then add you to our elite clan list.

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Web Site

  Renegade Termination

An elite and very committed clan with a superb website. They have a great leader behind them bringing with him a range of military experience.





  WOP Co-op team

Again very elite, a great team to be a part of.


  Penetration Assault Wing

This team can only go higher, not only are they a team but they also do so much for the swat3 community that many oversee. Not listing them here would be a sin.


  Tribes Elite Force

They were new to swat3 once upon a time, but my have they shown their all serious gamesters, hence having evolved into a pretty elite clan. A squad based mostly around dm/tdm style play, so make sure you're top notch before requesting a tryout with these guys.


  SAS Clan

When Smart sadly left the FSK camp, he went on to create SAS. It's simply amazing to see how far they have come and prevailed.





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