The Real FSK

FSK were founded and have existed since 1982. The Headquarters are located in Rena Camp in Norway. FSK is a real Group of special trained soilders that have been elected to be the supreme: Special Commandos of the Defense. FSK was held secret to the public until, the 12th of may 2000. Before then it was only speculated that this Specialist Group was in existence.

Rena Leier, is were allot of the training for FSK is being held. Our new camp is very nice. Also this is were the Calvary is training there Soldier's and Officers.

FSK train and cooperate with many of the worlds best Special Forces like. Special Air Service (SAS) from Great Britain, Delta Force & DevGru from USA, and last but not least the German department GSG-9. The relationship with SAS & FSK is very special, because its the SAS that have trained the Norwegian FSK Soldier's.

FSK & SAS shares part of the North Sea to protect. FSK also trains the SAS Soldier's here in Norway at winter time so they can learn Winter War, this is so all ALLIES can share the same experience. FSK also have a close relationship with the CIA and FBI when it comes to Counter Terrorism.

FSK has a Specialized Ground and Sea Force.

Here you can see some FSK training, a Soldier is being dropped into the sea and from there they swim to shore, then climb up the Oil platforms/rigs. Then they reclaim and take control over each hallway & corridors as they move into the Oil platform. This they did under an exercise called Heidrunplatform at Haltenbanken in may 1995.

Best Regards Bekk
FSK Clan Leader
Name : Secret Age : 23 Country : Norway Experience : Former UN solider and Military Police Guard.

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