FSK Code of Conduct (COC)

As members of FSK we are committed to Co-Op gaming and seek to excel in effective team play.

All members are bound by the following rules :

A. General Rules:

1. Always treat your fellow members and other players on WON with respect even (or especially) in arguments.

2. Never - under any circumstances - insult another member or another player on WON. Even if you are being insulted keep your temper and react rationally.

3. Criticize in a constructive way by offering alternatives.

4. Don't take criticism personally but see it as a chance to improve your skills. Try to understand why criticism has been issued and only then decide for yourself if it is justified.

5. Keep in mind that as a member of FSK you contribute to the reputation of the clan with every action you take. Earn yourself respect and FSK will gain respect, too.

B. Special Rules :

1. Respect ranks and decisions made in due course.

2. Keep up effective communication by reporting and ordering "through the ranks".

3. Work on your skills and attend training sessions as often as possible.

4. Post a message on the forum if you are absent for more than a week.

Compliance with these rules is obligatory for every member of FSK regardless of rank. Any violation of the COC and Part A in particular will be subject to an Internal Affairs Investigation and might lead to demotion or expulsion from the clan.


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